2018-06-18 22:26:08
the GUI isn't great
2018-06-18 22:25:52
And heeeeere we go, ppl commenting on engine strength after a half-game with opening biaised toward black, and ppl commenting on the moves even though they aren't even fide master...
2018-06-18 21:19:42
Tcec has finally started... But this looks different and I don't like it for now.
2018-06-18 20:42:19
Just for...

27085 noname
2018-06-18 00:18:21

2018 FIFA World Cup Standings

Everything has Changed! :)

2018-06-18 20:14:45
dear movie fans

this year we will have 1 movie Called...

LEELA CHESS ZERO Can't play against Alien Never seen before Chess Systems, like The A.R.B Chess System Because LEELA's Learning equals Zero Learnt! while playing against such Systems! :)
2018-06-18 17:54:44
@ahithophel ebejer

I am surprised that you are interested in football (and also footballers like Neymar).

I thought you're only interested in chess (for the ARB system) ..
27089ahithophel ebejer
2018-06-18 16:19:06
the highest elo reached by leela so far is 5927.19 (id359)

the latest elo of leela is 5865.75 (id421)

therefore leela is only 61.44 points behind her highest elo score


dear movie fans

this year we will have 3 movie re issues...

EARTHQUAKE (by leela in computer chess) - a re issue of the 1974 movie

TREMORS (caused to sf by leela's power) - a re issue of the 1990 movie

DEEP RISING (leela's elo is once again getting higher and higher since its big decrease in strength) - a re issue of the 1998 movie
27088ahithophel ebejer
2018-06-18 13:24:55
arb himself

doesn't trust

his own system

27087ahithophel ebejer
2018-06-18 13:20:38
arb wrote on leela forum

i challenged him for an online live game - i use sf and he uses his system

as expected he didn't accept my challenge

he simply deleted my comment

2018-06-18 10:46:23
Brazil's Neymar looks like Justin Bieber (LOL) with his new hairstyle.

Unfortunately he played that way too ..

Brazil - Switzerland 1: 1
2018-06-18 00:18:21
27075 Thanks for the groups WCN ☺

Despite what some have written here, USA is not in this 2018 world cup finals.
USA was knocked out in the world cup group qualifying games in the North and Central American area, as was Canada eliminated, by the eventual qualifiers Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama.
USA finished 5th in that group.
4th placed Honduras was eliminated by Australia in an inter confederation play off.

The world cup is not a tournament between the best teams (nations) in the world as many would think.
It is a tournament between the best teams in each confederation ❗

This means some of the strongest teams (nations remember) in the world are not included to make way for weaker teams from weaker confederations.

It seems incredible that two of the strongest, Italy and Netherlands are not competing 😐
The world cup is all the poorer for their absence 😯
Netherlands fans are welcome wherever they go and are badly missed from this world cup 😕
Austria, Hungary, Romania and others are sorely missed.

Corruption filled FIFA must be scratching their heads about what to do.

The only solution is to increase the number of places for european and south american nations.
But FIFA is afraid to do this as it would annoy thise smaller confederations that control so many votes and money 😠.

I believe that later world cups will have 48 nations.
2018-06-18 00:16:52
Thanks Ipman
2018-06-18 00:15:08
27082 was not me
2018-06-17 21:28:35
I can not find it, your link is misleading
2018-06-17 20:20:42

You can find most time Kiran's compiles on google fishcooking!topic/fishcooking/N9YhdBz2tXA
2018-06-17 19:01:39
A predicted final between USA and Mexico at the 2018 World Cup is getting closer and closer.
The Mexicans have just defeated World Champion Germany 1-0
2018-06-17 17:57:02
Some think reproducing the results of a paper is more creative than handcrafting an engine, trying to find out which chess "rule" actually works when it comes to analysing a position.
Debatable at least
2018-06-17 14:02:30
Stockfish 9 (The A.R.B Chess System) Destroys Leela Chess Zero

Official updated Forum Thread...!topic/lczero/r5KTdcDW_P8

2018-06-17 13:37:11
Stockfish 9 (The A.R.B Chess System) Destroys Leela Chess Zero!topic/lczero/H2J9NjoS8EE

2018-06-17 13:16:16
There are two new trolls on!forum/lczero
(Chris Whittington and Enrico Caruso).
That's one and the same person.

The "two" want to be fed.

Let them starve to death.
2018-06-17 12:49:25
World Cup odds, predictions 2018: Proven computer model picks winners of each group...

So who wins each group at the 2018 World Cup? And which massive long shots have the best chance to shock the world and advance to the Round of 16? Check out the odds below and then visit SportsLine now to see who David Sumpter is picking to win each group at the 2018 World Cup, all from a European soccer expert who created a model that's returned an 1800 percent profit on bookmakers' closing odds.

Group A
Uruguay -110
Russia +160
Egypt +500
Saudi Arabia +4000

Group B
Spain -220
Portugal +220
Morocco +1600
Iran +4000

Group C
France -425
Denmark +550
Peru +1000
Australia +2000

Group D
Argentina -200
Croatia +250
Nigeria +1200
Iceland +1200

Group E
Brazil -450
Switzerland +700
Serbia +800
Costa Rica +2000

Group F
Germany -325
Mexico +500
Sweden +700
South Korea +2000

Group G
Belgium -140
England +120
Tunisia +2200
Panama +4000

Group H
Colombia +120
Poland +180
Senegal +500
Japan +700

2018-06-17 12:36:04
TCEC 12 Final - Variable Contempt for Stockfish is the Only way to Go!!topic/fishcooking/LUb6fU93nPw

2018-06-17 12:29:39
A Variable {Contempt} that updates using internal Score Flags...according to how many + points it has gained after each game! is the only way to go!

2018-06-17 12:26:43
27065 noname
2018-06-17 03:17:48 Kiran, the SF binaries compiler, indicated that the SF src used cannot be edited.

{Contempt is now hard coded to 21 in the SF superfinal binary.}

What a JOKE! :( this will make it easy for Komodo to prepare it's Engine as it now has inside information on how Stockfish thinks! :(

2018-06-17 11:56:12
There are two new trolls on!forum/lczero
(Chris Whittington and Enrico Caruso).
That's one and the same person.

The "two" want to be fed.

Let them starve to death.

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