2019-08-18 11:15:38
AMD Unveils World’s First 7nm Gaming GPU – Delivering Exceptional Performance and Incredible Experiences for Gamers, Creators and Enthusiasts!topic/fishcooking/cZY2TUwe6tE

2019-08-18 07:58:46
Negative contempt against stronger opposition do in theory make sense.
2019-08-16 08:58:24
this is the link to my pull request
2019-08-15 11:27:05
if sf8 could play with negative contempt, a0 could not make decisive result. A "flexible" contempt vs stronger opponents is: with black, negative contempt in the opening phase and raise contempt through out the game.
sorry for my bad english.
2019-08-11 22:18:06
AMD Destroys! Intel :) By A.R.B :)!topic/fishcooking/cZY2TUwe6tE

2019-08-11 14:01:29
Another Amazing! Leela Chess Zero vs Stockfish game Win! for Stockfish and the reason why Stockfish is the No.1 Chess Engine in the World! :)!topic/fishcooking/vccYui4ShSU

2019-08-09 17:41:18
Amazing! Stockfish vs Leela Chess Zero game Win! for Stockfish and the reason why Stockfish is the No.1 Chess Engine in the World! :)!topic/fishcooking/vccYui4ShSU

2019-08-07 14:33:57
Cheat Detection is a silly design. A blacklist system is perfect enough. If you think someone is cheating, you just blacklist him, and you'll never meet him as your opponent. Official cheat detection is a waste of relative resources and always takes the risk of misjudgment.
2019-08-07 12:40:34
I would need a defensive version of stockfish.

Strongly Controlling the 32 houses of the first four ranks. A " not-winning version" but a "unbeatable" version.
two reasons:
A)it can be adapt to play against Apha Zero's sons.
B) if the game is a draw, that's could be the right way to search.
2019-08-07 10:26:03
Isn't nn engines a problem for cheat detection?

If one has the cheat detection system on his hand then he could train a nn to fool the detection

system no?
2019-08-06 19:06:11
29525 HomoSapiens
2019-08-06 02:51:42 Among so many NN variations, the original lc0 is still the strongest …

Not! Quite!!!...

The Masses hate the Truth!

Complete Chess Engine rating list...!topic/fishcooking/vccYui4ShSU

2019-08-06 09:26:37
I would think that this is to be expected. Same thing happened with stockfish expect for some versions that made the code run faster like in asmfish which got antiquated after some time.
2019-08-06 02:51:42
Among so many NN variations, the original lc0 is still the strongest …
2019-08-05 19:40:54
There was no Lc0 with GPU on that tournament.
2019-08-05 11:45:40
Stockfish {The Worlds No.1 Chess Engine!} Which is FREE! and will also Run on Old! Computers :)!topic/fishcooking/vccYui4ShSU

2019-08-05 11:28:37
Amazing massacre by Super Stockfish on CCC:
2019-07-31 17:26:39
last development was fake
29520Olumayowa Oluwasanjo
2019-07-29 06:43:36
When reporting results of test runs of development, it would be more representative if number of wins was subdivided into wins while playing white or while playing black. This will give a truer picture of advances that are being made to the development builds
29519Ingo Weidner
2019-07-27 14:41:47
Hello Ahithopel Ebejer. Do you still have dog food for me? I am a real stockfish fan, (and dog food eater), just like you. I am an Sf fanboy, and I hope the sf does that
Sufi 16 wins. Maybe we can meet each other? In love, your fan Ingo Weidner. I love you.
2019-07-26 16:54:01
Large Group Beats Men Outside Washington Hotel
2019-07-23 12:15:43
lc0 topped the cegt 4/40 Best single Versions list. It beat stockfish head to head.
2019-07-21 12:03:24
interesting article even though I don't think a conclusion has been reached. Nice :)
2019-07-21 11:19:10
(Why) are men better chess players than women?

2019-07-20 17:03:21
CCRL added lc0 with GPU. +400 elo compared to lc0 cpu.

It needs to play some more games. It seems like it will end on second place so for CCRL

conditions it can't top the list(for now) but lc0-stockfish is pretty close at the score

against each other.

Lc0 is rated 28 elo points lower than stockfish 10 at 40/40.

Lc0 is rated at 60 elo points lower than stockfish 9 at 40/4.

I don't know if it is the same Lc0, the weights are different maybe they are the same


In some time from now, not far into the future, CCRL will have NN engines at the top.(That's

what it seems to me).

So, if lc0 on 40/40 and lc0 on 40/4 are comparable then lc0 goes from 60 elo weaker than

stockfish 9 in 40/4 to 28 elo weaker than stockfish 10 in 40/40.
2019-07-09 10:49:16
A family day out at a theme park in the USA

Violent brawl breaks out at Disneyland's 'Toontown' in front of horrified families

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