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33518SF15 NNUE Fan
2022-12-06 12:03:33
33512 SF15.1
2022-12-05 20:48:16 SF15.1 - 7 months development and +7 Elo only to SF15 on fishtest,
unfortunately the worst result in history.

It does not surprise me! "The Chess Draw Death" has been quietly getting nearer and nearer as we are getting near to making a 4000 ELO Engine which is where I think all games will be Draws!

Chess is like Tic-Tac-Toe "Chess enthusiasts will cringe :(" they are both symmetrical games and have a fixed amount of possible games,it's just that we can calculate to the end of Tic-Tac-Toe, but not Chess at the moment,and maybe never in our life times ?

So we make the Chess engines play according to all the best methods we know,Maximum development,Maximum efficiency,Maximum mobility,etc.the end result is that if one side does not follow the rules we have laid down then they will lose,if both do we get a Draw!

One exception is that if one side plays in a perfect ? defensive way like below...

The A.R.B.C.S game below played by SF15-NNUE is about as perfect a game you will ever see,with the White side using all the Maximum rules of Chess development and the Black side restricting what ever White does,again resulting in a Draw!

The only way the White side can win is if it could calculate very deeply and very extreme,by doing a number of piece sacrifices breaking the locked pawn chains,and at the same time having enough pieces left to be able to mate the opposing King,which is not an easy thing to do as shown by SF15-NNUE.
If we could find a Chess engine capable of such a feat then the only problem is that the same engine should be able to defend the position in the same exact way,by sacrificing pieces and saving it's position,which leads us back to a Draw! again. :(

Stockfish 15 NNUE Plays ? The A.R.B Chess System
2022-12-06 11:59:50
In some ways you can compare Dos to vinyl.
The vinyl sound is sweeter, and the Dos is more human.
Resuming DOS can be used to create engines more suitable for playing with humans, they were very pleasant, instead with Windows they are too hard and strong.
2022-12-06 10:32:31
At this point why not write a Stockfish for Dos?
I wonder if it exceeds 3000
2022-12-06 08:34:15
Maybe on Dos Genius was a little better than Fritz, but I'm not sure.
2022-12-06 08:06:33
It's a 90's engine that worked well with humans, but I don't think there's a readily available uci version and maybe there isn't one that makes it current.
It is an alien.
2022-12-06 01:23:35
My all time favorite chess program since a lot of time ago, for many years is Richard Lang's ChessGenius. Opinion shared. The software did not develop as expected, but it is still stronger than humans and plays awesome in its own way and style. The King defense is some kind a weak point of the Genius engine. The Android version is still very actual. Thank you for mention it. ChessGenius and Stockfish are my favorites, among some other engines for PC and Android.
2022-12-05 20:48:16
SF15.1 - 7 months development and +7 Elo only to SF15 on fishtest,
unfortunately the worst result in history.
33511SF 15
2022-12-05 20:45:14
SF15.1 - 7 months development and +7 Elo only to SF15 on fishtest,
unfortunately the worst result in history.
33510SF15 NNUE Fan
2022-12-05 11:44:49
Hans Niemann

He's the Bad Boy of Chess. But Did He Cheat?

The day before he beat the greatest chess player in the world, Hans Niemann was a curly-haired 19-year-old American known only to serious fans of the game and mostly as an abrasive jerk. Everyone, it seems, has a story. Like that time in June, when he’d lost in the finals of a tournament in Prague, then stood in the ballroom of the hotel where the event was held and ranted against the city and the accommodations.

“I tried to talk to him about it,” said Jacob Aagaard, a Danish grandmaster who has taught Niemann and known him for years. The talk did not help. Niemann brushed off all advice, predicting he’d soon play at such an exceptional level that he’d get invited to tournaments no matter how boorishly he behaved.

On Sept. 4, Niemann defeated Magnus Carlsen, an even-tempered, 32-year-old Norwegian who had become a grandmaster at 13, earning him the nickname “the Mozart of chess.” Carlsen went on to win five world championships as well as mainstream celebrity, including a stint as a spokesmodel for fashion brand G-Star Raw.

2022-12-05 06:38:34
@ The Trolly man

I playing 1 day or 2 day per move games ,
2022-12-04 22:47:51

Have you tried A0 for correspondence?

Btw, I've heard the new meta is sending moves with a homing pigeon, have been playing correspondence with my friend for months, the nastiest part is when you write two moves with the pigeon (basically premoving..) and your friend has a sneak peek on the other paper and change his move... Oh my pigeon! That adrenaline rush you have for 3 months waiting for the pigeonary premove to work is all what I have asked for. Enjoy )
33507SF15 NNUE Fan
2022-12-04 20:32:08
I always thought Richard Lang's Chess Genius would have improved much more than it did if he kept on updating the program,which is a shame for the Chess engine world :(

After all it achieved a Rating of 2795 ELO rating - all on a mere 100 Mhz Pentium PC ! in 1994!

And at the same time as I am sure many know in August 1994 it shocked the Chess World and became the first program ever to beat a World Champion (Gary Kasparov) at a non-blitz time level.
2022-12-04 13:51:05
Making Stockfish 16 also has a function of temporal scanning, of chronological order of research, it's not just a name, it has a symbology.
2022-12-04 13:49:01
Rebel 16 is interesting.
Seems to hold up with Stockfish 15.
Of course it's starting to become difficult to think that a program with 3500 elo will lose even with a program of 3650.
How many levels are there in chess?
33504SF15 NNUE Fan
2022-12-04 12:10:12
33503 jayakumar987
2022-12-04 10:18:05

It all depends on how much money a person has ? :(

They are either using the one below...

Or from...

2022-12-04 10:18:05

I am playing online corresponding game using SF latest dev build (hardware AMD Ryzen 5950X ) and my opponents are beating me, can you tell me what they are using
2022-12-02 04:37:30
This is very interesting.
33501SF15 NNUE Fan
2022-11-29 12:14:28
Below is another win against (The Department of Computing Science and Maths at the University of Stirling) RPS program,what is interesting about this 50 game match compared to the previous 50 game match,is that their RPS changed it's strategy during the match and reset it's learning parameters,because it was losing and realised ? it's learning was not working against my RPS's New! { ANTIAI-AI } anti learning, you can see when it happened "Highlighted in Red in the game move window"  :)

THEARBROCKPAPERSCISSORS {The Strongest Program in the World!} A.R.B :)
33500SF15 NNUE Fan
2022-11-28 13:17:03
33499 jayakumar987
2022-11-27 20:00:27

Stockfish 15 NNUE Plays ? The A.R.B Chess System

The A.R.B Chess System Winning The Tournament 311824
2022-11-27 20:00:27
@ sf 15 nnu fan

What actually is the A.R.B. Chess System? (Where can I find a full information about it?
33498SF15 NNUE Fan
2022-11-27 01:21:23
THEARBROCKPAPERSCISSORS {The Strongest Program in the World!} A.R.B :)

Below attached is an update of my THEARBROCKPAPERSCISSORS version 26/11/2022

The version has an New! Innovative AI called { ANTIAI-AI } which stops learning by Human,Computer,& Random players,resulting in a very unpredictable strong RPS player :)
2022-11-25 14:32:35
Even if lc0 is being outshone by stockfish but methinks that it has more room for improvement than stockfish.It is sad that it has taken this long but not yet at stockfish level.In future however as computers and programming tools keep advancing we shall be talking a different story altogether.For now let us just celebrate the incredible work that stockfish team keeps doing.
33496SF15 NNUE Fan
2022-11-21 12:32:11
Stockfish Destroys Leela (58.5 - 41.50) and makes Leela look like a Cub :)
2022-11-21 09:13:45
Stockfish is a winning model, it is natural that its DNA is studied.
Leela is a tiger who walks alone.
33494SF15 NNUE Fan
2022-11-20 21:00:56
Stockfish Plagiarists Are On The Increase! :(

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